BIO104 – Comparative physiology

The course BIO104 led by Sigurd Stefansson at the Department for Biological Sciences introduces the students to basic principles of form and function in animals, plants and micro-organisms, with main emphasis on critical physiological mechanisms (‘function’) in the adaptation to the environment and the maintenance of homeostasis.

One of the lab courses deals with the bi-phasic growth of the bacteria V. natriegens in a mixture of glucose and rhamnose. A video tutorial introducing the theory and the practical aspects of the experiment was created and serves as preparation material for the course. This video also shows how to create a graph in Excel from a basic set of data (absorbance measurements) collected during the course.

 Presenteres av: Marius Rydningen Saltvedt   Diauxi er en mekanisme for regulering av enzymsyntese som kalles katabolitt represjon. Det viser seg at syntesen av forskjellige (uavhengige) katabolske enzymer er hemmet når en mikroorganisme utnytter (vokser på) en bestemt energikilde, som f.eks. glukose. Dersom vekstmediet i tillegg til glukose også […]

Mikrobiologi – Diauxi Forsøk