Excel -4- Export graph/data

Sooner or later, you will have to write a report, exam, thesis, article or summary which contains graphs, charts and/or tables. Exporting such objects from MS Excel to MS Word (or MS Powerpoint) may be done in a couple of clicks, but this could be a bit risky if you do not understand what is imported.

chart tools
To understand how to export charts, let’s work on the following example: Right-click on the chart area to display the contextual menu and select Copy. Alternatively, if the chart is already selected, use the shortcut CTRL+C to copy the object to the clipboard. Go to MS Word or MS Powerpoint, […]

1. How to export a chart

paste options table
To understand how to export tables, let’s work on the following example: Most of what has been explained previously regarding charts is actually applicable to tables. Again you will find out that there is a possibility to import an MS Excel table into MS Word (or others) as a picture, as […]

2. How to export the table