Enough R to write a thesis is our new section dedicated to teaching you how to use R and Rstudio for everything  from your first steps in the bachelor grade to the final comments of your MSc/PhD thesis. Whether you know absolutely nothing about R or have already some competence with it, you will find all you need to manage your data, make plots, write reproducible documents, share and collaborate with others, etc.

Enough R to write a thesis is presented as a collection of digital books, with corresponding apps and tutorials.

Learn how to import, manipulate and visualize data with our working in R book. After an introduction to R, this book has a tidyverse flavour, showing how to manipulate data with dplyr and make publishable plots with ggplot2. It includes lots of exercises to hone your skills.

Learn how to use version control with our step-by-step guide to setting up and using Git and GitHub in RStudio.

Learn how to write reproducible documents (anything from a course assignment to a thesis or manuscript) in quarto: no more copy-paste nightmares. Quarto is the successor to R markdown (our earlier R markdown book is here).

Want to make your code into an R package? Our guide to writing an R package will show you how.

Graphs and plots are designed to efficiently convey a key message to your audience. Which plot type to choose often depends on both this message and the variables in your data set. Here we give you suggestions for plot types that may fit your data.

Here, we will review hypothesis formulation, variable types, data distribution and data clustering to define which model or family of models best fits your data.

Resources for specific biology courses

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