BIO325 – Ocean Science

BIO325 is a broad course in modern marine research, with emphasis on fisheries and marine biological methods. The course is comprised of theoretical and practical modules covering habitats and organisms, nearshore ecology, research vessel experience, field observations methods, and training in modelling and analysis of field data.

The present page shows you how to handle data collected during surveys in the North Sea and the Norwegian fjords. 4 tutorials are available:

  • CTD-data: how to use and present
  • A technical guide to analyzing acoustics data
  • From raw data to meaningful analysis – Fisheries Data Collection
  • Light measurements and modelling of phytoplankton distribution

Note that a series of videotutorials explaining the different methods used during these surveys are available on the website Teach To Learn.

Course leader: Anne Gro Vea Salvanes & Arild Folkvord