Office 365 is free for UiB students

UiB is now offering Microsoft Office 365 to all students.

Microsoft Office 365 gives UiB students free access to office applications, file storage and cooperation services.

Office 365 consist of a cloud service and software you can download and install on your own computer.

The cloud service is available on the internet and can be accessed from any computer, pad or smartphone. You get access to ample storage space in Microsoft OneDrive as well as functions for editing and cooperating. You may share documents with others ab cooperate on writing and editing documents, for instance.

You may also download the Office programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more) and install them on your computer (Windows or Mac).

Please be aware that cloud services such as Microsoft OneDrive are not considered safe storage for sensitive data! Make sure that you do not store sensitive information in the cloud using Office 365. Please see Cloud services.

To access these features, please log on to Office 365:

"Sign on Office 365 as UiB student"

(Help: How to log on to Office 365)

  • Gives you access to software for use on-line and your own files.
  • You will find information on how to use Office \365 on your pad or smart phone.
  • You may download the Office software for installation on your computer.

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