4. Tuning text and symbol size with cex

Text and symbol size are highly tunable. Here are a series of commands based on the argument cex and its many variations. In all cases, you will have to use a value X which is a magnification factor by which the original size of the object will be multiplied. If X = 1.5 the size will be increased by 50%; if X = 0.5 the size will be reduced by 50%.

cex=X allows you to increase/decrease the size of the symbols in the plot,
cex.lab=X modifies the size of the labels,
cex.main=X modifies the size of the titles,
cex.sub=X modifies the size of subtitles,
cex.axis=X tunes the size of the axis annotations.

Here is an example (note that the parameters can be added one after each other, separated by a comma):

[code language=”r”]
xlab="Title for X-axis",
ylab="Title for Y-axis",



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