Regression Analysis

Regression analysis is a useful statistical tool that helps you making sense of your data by finding and defining relationships between variables. Most often, it starts with a plot (scatter plot of your dataset) onto which a line or a curve will be overlayed. Let’s see a couple of techniques that allow drawing those lines and curves.

Linear regression helps you simplifying a dataset by modelling and drawing a straight line representing this dataset. It is often used to find a relationship between a continuous response variable and a continuous independent/predictor variable. Examples are numerous: finding the relationship between bodyweight and height is one of them, for […]

Linear regression

When plotting your dataset, you will often realize (or have the feeling) that there is no way that a simple, straight line can represent the data. You might think that there exists a curved relationship between the continuous response variable and the continuous predictor variable, in which case polynomial regression may help you. […]

Polynomial regression