R -5- Importing data into R

If you have collected your data in MS Excel or any other program, you may want to transfer it to R in the safest way. Here are a couple of posts on, for example, how to export from Excel to a CSV file and then how to import from the CSV file into R. Other ways to export/import will be also described here.

There are several ways and commands to import data from a file into R. Providing that your data are in an Excel file (.xls, .xlsx), in a text file (.txt), in a comma-separated values file (.csv), you will have to choose the appropriate function. Before going further, check the function […]

2. How to import data into R

With the gsheet R package you can download Google Sheets using a sharing link. You can download the data from the google sheet as a data frame or plain text. Installation [code language=”r”] install.packages(‘gsheet’) [/code] Getting started To download a google sheet, use the following code. The link can be […]

3. How to read data from Google sheets