Examples in biology courses

We can perform many methods to visualize and analyze multivarate data. In the tutorial you can find scripts and a short description to 3 of the most commonly used ones: Cluster analysis Multi dimensional scaling (MDS) PCR/RDA In this post, we will look at Principal Component Analysis (PCR) and RDA. […]

5.5 Multivariate analysis – PCA/RDA

Below, you will find some examples of plots and scripts that are relevant for some of your projects. There is also an own section on ggplot in bioSTATS, and at the ggplot web-page.   Example 1: Polar cod contribution to fish community For the plots below you will need the […]

6.3 Example scripts for some plots

Introduction on many basics are covered other places in the R-tutorial. I encourage you to look around there if you need help with basic operations.  Still, below I mention some basics that you will need. Creating objects R treats our data as objects. They can be single vectors, matrices, lists […]

4.2 Some basics