R -8- Plot types

The function hist() is a very simple function which does not require much to build a histogram of frequency (representing the distribution of data series) based on the content of a vector.  Simply typing hist(z), for example, creates a histogram of the vector z made of 10 bars (by default). […]

1. Histogram (of frequency)

You may use pie charts to visualize the proportions of various groups relative to each other and to a whole population. The function that creates pie chart is called pie(x,y) and mainly need two arguments: x which is a numerical vector which contains the size/proportion of the slices, and y […]

2. Pie charts

We have seen in a different section that boxplots are useful charts which represent several features of a dataset: median, quartiles, minimum and maximum, possible outliers… These boxplots become even more useful when they are placed side-by-side in the same chart, and represent different groups to compare. For instance, when […]

3. Multiple Boxplots