Excel16 -1- Get Started

Never used MS Excel before? Maybe once or twice, and most probably by mistake…?

Calm down and follow these few simple steps. You will learn how to open a worksheet, type in your data, sort them, make simple calculations, etc.

When first starting MS Excel 2016, the program opens an empty workbook file named by default “Book1” (as indicated in the title bar on the top of the window). This workbook contains a single empty worksheet called “Sheet1” represented by the a tab at the bottom of the window. In its most common […]

1. Starting up MS Excel 2016

  Default workbooks always come with a single empty worksheet. At any time, you may add a new worksheet to your workbook just by clicking on the icon + next to the tab for the current workbook. The new sheet automatically appears to the right of the last one. Note that the combination Shift+F11 […]

2. Opening a new worksheet

  You do not necessarily need to suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) to organize and tidy a bit your data. It is actually a good practice to sort tables using parameters and variables. MS Excel has a useful tool that performs this type of tidying according to one or several variables […]

11. Sorting your data

When you are finally happy with the content of your worksheet and you consider that it would be a shame to see it disappear, simply use CTRL+S to save your work. If the workbook already has a name and location, then the data will be save automatically without any further request. Otherwise, […]

13. Saving your work